Consulting Recruitment Guide

2021-2022 Consulting Recruitment Guide

The University of Calgary Consulting Association (UCCA) 2021-2022 Consulting Recruitment Guide provides context to what consulting is and serves as an information source that covers everything from best practices in the development of your application to guidance on approaching case interviews. It is a document that provides information on the Consulting Industry with tips on how to prepare for the recruitment cycles that take place at various times throughout the year.


Whether you are new to consulting or currently in the process of interviewing at firms, we hope this resource will provide great value as it consolidates information from both experienced consultants in the workforce and students on our Executive Team familiar with the recruitment process.


We also encourage becoming a member of UCCA to gain access to our members-only Slack group where you have the opportunity to meet other students recruiting for consulting positions, find a case prep partner or join a case prep group!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at with any inquiries.