Our Team

2023-2024 Executive Team

President, Vice President, & Directors

Ike Balogun


Ike Balogun is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree in Operations Management and a Minor in Data Science at the Haskayne School of Business. She has previously worked as Supply Chain Student at ConocoPhillips. In the past, she was a Pro-Bono Consultant on the Accenture Community Consulting Program (CPP), working with a group of two other students and an Accenture Advisor to develop an expansion strategy for a local not-for-profit. She has also participated as a Project Manager in UCCA’s Winter Consulting Projects where she led a team of three students in developing operational processes for a non-profit organization. Ike was previously the Jr. Executive of Resources, aiding in developing UCCA’s first Intro to Consulting Program. She hopes to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management in an industry that positively impacts people’s lives. She loves reading (especially anything fantasy or sci-fi!), baking whenever she can, and musical theatre.


Yalena Sermeno

Vice President


Yalena is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She loves case and pitch competitions having participated in JDC West Team Haskayne as a Challenge Delegate where she placed 3rd and recently becoming a top 6 finalist with her team at the RBC Fast Pitch. She was previously VP External for Schulich Soundstage where she blended her passion for music and performance with community outreach.  After working as a barista at Starbucks for 3 years she has recently started a new position as an HR Support Student at Quadra Chemicals. Outside of Academics she volunteers on weekends and enjoys musical theatre, biking, and having fires with friends. 

Cole Kim

Director of External Relations


Cole Kim is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) in General Business at the Haskayne School of Business (Haskayne) with interest in Marketing, Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management. Cole has been a member of the UCCA since being enrolled at Haskayne, participating in many events such as the Intro to Consulting Program and the UCCA’s Winter Consulting Projects. This is his first year on the executive team, and he is actively pursuing the consulting industry upon graduation. Cole has a passion for people and for providing value to clients, which he showed working for Orange Group Commercial Real Estate, a tenant advisory and consulting firm, for over three years and now as a server at Barbarella. Cole hopes to bring his skills to this position to provide value for Calgary’s business community while also creating career-boosting opportunities for UCCA members. When not studying or working, Cole can be found doing anything active, from playing sports and working out to going on walks and enjoying Calgary’s vast offering of restaurants. Cole would love to hear from you to see if UCCA can assist you and your business or organization, so please feel free to send him an email, connect on LinkedIn, or stop by Barbarella!

Ana Laura Espinosa Garza

Director of Talent

Armin Zarringhalam

Director of Marketing


Armin is a 4th year Business Marketing student at the Haskayne School of Business. He has joined UCCA this year along side the Haskayne Student Association as Director of Marketing. He is a filmmaker and producer. He was worked on many different projects including short film productions, commercials, and other forms of media. This past summer, Armin worked for IEP Canada, as a Marketing Intern, for this start up. Armin is very fascinated to learn about content creation and content strategy and how it can apply Business environments. When not studying or working you will find him playing sports like soccer or hanging out with friends for the next adventure.

Khoa Hoang

Director of Events


Khoa is a fourth-year Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR) student with the Embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies, and a Minor in Philosophy. Currently, he is working as the Co-op student, Project Assistant for the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL), and will be returning to school in Fall 2023. Similar to his previous co-op position at the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), his main roles are analyzing organization’s programs and leadership materials, and utilizing research to provide recommendations. With a big interest in different fields ranging from business to psychology and philosophy, one of his goals whenever learning something new is to integrate them with ideas from other fields for practical and good use. This is also the reason why he is interested in consulting, as it requires continuous learning, creativity and innovation in finding effective solutions for client’s problems. In his free time, he likes to hit the gym, DJ, read books, or have long-form conversations with his close friends and family. 

Lina Belbouche

Director of Student Development


Lina is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts combined degree (BComm/BA) in Business and Economics. In her role as Director of Student Development, Lina has ensured to enrich the association’s current initiatives such as case competition and academic workshops. As of this year, Lina is taking part in the Propel Impact Investing Fellowship to further explore the world of ESG finance and how to drive social impact. Outside the campus environment, Lina consistently participates within her community by volunteering and working with local non-profit organizations. Growing up outside of Calgary, Lina has a passion for traveling, loves to learn new languages and enjoys reading in her free time. 

Celia Zhang

Director of STEAM


Celia Zhang is a fifth-year Electrical Engineering student with a Digital Minor focused on the fundamentals of AI/ML. With a passion for promoting diversity and innovation, she has actively engaged in various leadership roles, including serving as an executive in WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and Innovate4Health. She has previously worked as a project management intern and will be returning to school Fall 2023. Celia is excited to further drive interdisciplinary collaboration and continue to drive impactful initiatives within UCCA. Outside of her academic pursuits, Celia also enjoys immersing herself in the world of movies and books.

Hafsa Rauf

Director of Resources


Hafsa is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student pursuing a major in Business Analytics and a minor in Data Science. Given her involvement in UCCA’s Intro to Consulting Program and Case Competition, she was inspired to join the UCCA team to plan Intro to Consulting Program for new students. Hafsa has a passion for making an impact in the community and helping people with her skill set. Along with her passion for community service, Hafsa is also interested in the evolution of technology in the business world, making her eager to steer her career toward technology consulting. She has recently completed her internship as a Data Analyst in the Financial Advisory team at Deloitte and has been involved in the Haskayne community by committing to executive positions in the Business Technology Club, Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society, and Haskyanes’ Student Association. Additionally, Hafsa works as an Administrative Assitant in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department at the university and has been involved in Accenture’s Community Consulting Project, providing innovative solutions with a team to a non-profit organization. Outside of university, Hafsa loves to try new food and experience new activities with friends and family, read, and watch Formula 1. 

Yousif Ghassan

Director of Finance


Yousif Ghassan is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree in Finance, with a minor in Computer Science at the Haskayne School of Business. He has gained practical experience in finance and the oil and gas industry through his current role as a Corporate Development and Finance Summer Student at Athabasca Oil Corporation. Beyond his involvement with the UCCA, Yousif has participated in numerous activities, including the CFA Institute Research Challenge, DeNovo Student Investment Fund, Enactus UCalgary, and various case competitions. In his free time, Yousif enjoys playing soccer and trying new foods. He aspires to enter a career in management consulting or high finance.

Rayan Tauhid

Director of Member Engagement


Rayan is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor Commerce (BComm) degree in Business Analytics degree. He has worked with a startup in Ontario by providing them with customer data and providing them with vital leads to increase their customer base. Beyond that his involvement with the UCCA includes participating in the Boston Consulting Firm day, The Intro to Consulting program with Accenture, and the Annual UCCA Case Competition. He has had the opportunity to work as a Community Project Consultant where he had the opportunity to work with a team of other students help a local non-for profit build and expand a new arm of their organization. Outside of his academic pursuits, Rayan likes to play basketball and soccer with his friends, spend time with his family, and read a variety of books.    

Junior Executives

Hazel Nguyen

Jr. Executive of Events

Victor Lugada

Jr. Executive of Programs

Victor Lugada is in his second year of a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) in Finance. This is his first year as a part of the UCCA Executive Team. He is also a Junior Executive of the University of Calgary Filipino Students Association (UCFSA). In his free time, Victor enjoys staying active by working out, playing sports, and going out with friends. He also enjoys partaking in case competitions having participated in several throughout his first year of university. Victor is hoping to pursue a career in financial consulting.

Farida Khedr

Jr. Executive of Marketing


Farida is a first-year student with interest in International Business Relations Strategy, Operations Management, and Business Analytics. She is dedicated to contributing to positive change and enhancing the prospects for future generations through sustainable change. Farida allocates her time to volunteer work with not for profit organizations, community relief efforts, and humanitarian causes. She possesses a background in marketing through previous marketing manager/coordinator positions. She also has and continues to successfully lead various projects and events for diverse audiences. Outside her academic pursuits, Farida engages in recreational activities such as skateboarding, basketball, soccer, and cherishes quality time with family and friends.

Ahmad Kamal Khan

Jr. Executive of Events


Ahmad is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Analytics. This is his first year being a part of the UCCA Executive team and looks forward to continuing his involvement throughout his degree. With a passion in Strategy and Consulting, Ahmad actively expands and refines his skills. He has worked as a Sales Manager where he led a team of 5 marketers to grow sales and improve customer relations. Additionally, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ahmad developed his own e-commerce business, starting from initial ideation and platform selection to product sourcing, marketing, sales, and customer relation. Beyond the UCCA, he serves as the Vice President of the Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Calgary. With over ten years of volunteering, he has been actively involved with ICNA Relief Canada, participating in disaster and humanitarian relief efforts in Syria and Gaza.

Connor Bot

Jr. Executive of Communications

Connor is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) with a concentration in Finance at the Haskayne School of Business. He is also an academic delegate for JDC West Team Haskayne, competing on the International Business team. This is his first year on the UCCA executive team. Connor is interested in a variety of professional fields including law and consulting. Outside of his academic pursuits, Connor enjoys weightlifting and reading.